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Starry Sky

O2O social App. Help users to meet expected people in interesting events.

Xinlu Zhang

  • Description of the idea

    Everyone is a shining star in the perpetual universe, dark, endless. Attractive personal tags help you to meet other users in fun events, just like that galaxy and constellations can gather stars together. Stars also can point the direction for you. Here, you will find your own way in life, not lonely, not boring, not wasting time. Meet nice people here.Starry Sky can bring you things you can not seek out from the internet world. Are you looking for real friends, opportunities, interests, networkings, nice surroundings, real world, personal experiences? Join Starry Sky, to make thought come true. Keeping your friend circle by setting your standards, like tags criterions and you also can join others friend circle by sending requests. We offer opportunities to meet people joining events in individuals to individuals, groups to groups, individuals to groups, individuals to business, groups to business models. Download Starry Sky and have real fun right now!
    Starry Sky
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    Covid-19 make many people stay at home and they want outside world and meet new friends.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Business Model can help company grow big. we are not selling products, and we are managing people. We will get revenue by advertisements, event deduct and big data of users. We are not only get revenue by one time, but by forever. Moreover, our event is easy to duplicate. We can help the whole business chain to get profit.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    we need to invent app and operation and promotion. We will put our advertisements both online and offline to attract users. in the first place, we will put advertisements through Instagram, Facebook to generalize. For offline, we will put ad into school to network with school club leaders. We will also put ad into evelvator and malls.